Technical and design advantages

15 + patent applications and 10 + copyright applications
  • One hundred and thirty ̊ Ultra wide angle

    The optical machine can reach 130 degrees, the visual angle brightness can reach 500 nits, and the user will not have eye misalignment and visual dizziness.
  • Periscope optical lens

    Periscope optical lens has true optical amplification technology and the characteristics of volume minimization. Applied to AR glasses, it can effectively reduce the weight of the whole product.
  • Wireless multi person synchronous sharing video screen

    Wireless multi person synchronous video sharing, using 5g to realize multi person synchronous video sharing, so that communication is zero distance.
  • Industrial design

    Full consideration is given to the ergonomic design of glasses, so that glasses are more suitable for use in surgical scenes and daily scenes.
  • Software design

    According to the needs of clinical application and different surgical methods, various computer vision technologies are integrated according to different medical devices.
  • Content production

    We have an excellent production team with sufficient ability to produce the combination of education and training content and software.

Ar education is based on learners' learning habits and allows learners to explore all kinds of interesting learning materials independently.

As the 5g era is coming and AI intelligence is constantly updated and iterated rapidly, AR applications in the medical field have been promoted by the industry


Relying on the research and development of three places on both sides of the Strait


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